Affiliate Marketing for Seniors


One of the things about Affiliate Marketing is that it is probably one of the best ways to generate a supplemental income and that my friend is what most of us who are close to retirement or who are already retired need.

We do not necessarily need to work another 9 to 5 job, or be a welcoming agents at Walmart. Not saying anything wrong with any of the jobs mentioned, but if you want to totally enjoy the retirement life style, then re-entry into the workforce or working for another employer is not an option and can be restrictive.

In your retirement you should be able to wake up and say I want to visit my family (Grandchildren) who are now living in Hawaii or Costa Rica and you just pack, hop on a plane and away you go. So long as they can put up with you staying with them for a month or two, then you should have the freedom to enjoy that lifestyle.

I believe that is where the supplemental income comes in. Most of us had dreams of traveling or helping our children put their children through university or college. Some of us had the dream of “Freedom 55,” as we saw advertised on television. With the 2007-2008, global financial crisis, a large amount of us are now looking at “Freedom 65,” or even later. I know it affected my investments, especially the return on investment I was earning.

When I retired, I thought I would do a little volunteering, teaching karate, a little consulting, spend my days reading and just enjoying the freedom retirement is supposed to provide. Well, I did some of that and enjoyed doing it, especially the consulting and teaching karate.

What I did in ten days as a consultant, paid for a month of vacation. The thing is, however, the work was not consistent and to make it profitable I would have to do a lot of networking to drum up continuous projects. Sounds too much like a full time job and I have not even started in on the research and writing the reports, requests for proposals (RFP) or my submissions for other RFPs seeking work. The positives were of course the money and I got to visit other places and do the work from home or on the beach if one was nearby.

I am sure a few of you are like me, I enjoy the work but it restricts my mobility. I want something that still challenged my creativity and keeps my mind active, but I want to be able to do it anywhere and at anytime.

It was easier working as a greeter at Walmart. What I needed was something that provided the positives of consulting but without the constant meetings and networking.

Affiliate Marketing met my criteria, and I want to share this knowledge with you.

Who Should Consider Affiliate Marketing

Anyone really can be an Affiliate Marketer, so long as you have a niche or passion that you can write about on a weekly basis. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have seen children in high school creating websites where they write about gaming niches and those websites have steady followers and visitors.

I have encountered couples where one is retired or stays at home, who either want the working partner to retire so they can enjoy the grandchildren and travel more together, or help with the household finances. I have met university or college students that want to generate income so they can avoid the evening and weekend job to focus more on their studies. When I went to college, the internet had not even started, never mind the thought of marketing online.

That to me is the beauty of an online business you can do it from anywhere. It does not matter the genre you decide to start a business. You fit it into your schedule not the other way around where you need to ask someone for the day or week off. Getting a month would be laughable.

The answer then is anyone can become an Affiliate Marketer:

  • The high school student who does not want to work for anyone when they graduate, and wants to own his or her business
  • The university or college student who wants to generate college tuition
  • The stay at home mom or dad that wants to help with the family income
  • The worker who has just lost their employment and is seeking an alternative source of income
  • The retiree that needs to supplement their income to do the things they have dreamed of doing or to pay medical expenses that seem to be increasing with age.
  • The physically and non-physically challenged who cannot do a regular 9 to 5 but want to contribute to their own independence.

Most of us fall into one or more of the groups mentioned above, and affiliate marketing is one way for any of us to create a business online. All we need is a passion or niche, a website and the capacity to create content on a regular basis.

Why Seniors

Why senior citizens, Why not? Most of us retire with a plethora of experience and knowledge and for whatever reason we retired we would like to continue to contribute that knowledge whether it is coaching new recruits in the workforce or starting a small business where we can use that knowledge or experience on our own terms. We want that knowledge to now work to make our life comfortable instead of someone else.

Having worked in the workforce for 30, 40 years we have demonstrated that we know and respect the value of hard work. We have learned patience and commitment. We do not to quit just because things do not go our way the first time. Another reason why seniors make the likely candidates for affiliate marketing is that we now have the time to do whatever we choose.

What Part of Affiliate Marketing

Two years ago, I did not know what Internet Marketing was. A couple of telemarketing companies from the United States contacted me and introduced me to the concept of making money online through internet marketing. They of course promised to make me a millionaire within a short period. To cut a long story short, the pot of gold was definitely not at the end of my rainbow. What they did ignite in me was the thought that I could make a living online. The question was how and what was it all about.

Through research, I came across a company, Wealthy Affiliate that stated that they could teach me how to earn a living through affiliate marketing and how much I earned was totally up to me. At first, I did not believe it, and thought someone else was looking for their pot of gold in my pocket. Wealthy Affiliate however from day one said it was all up to me how much I made and how willing I am to establish my business so it generates the kind of money I needed to make my dream a reality.

The side of network marketing they recommend is allowing affiliate networks and businesses like Amazon or Besy Buy to advertise on my website, affiliate marketing. When someone visits the website, clicks on one of the advertisers links and purchases a product that they are selling, I make a commission. That cycle occurs every time someone does that. With enough consumers visiting my website clicking on an advertiser’s link and purchasing I can make a sizeable passive income.


There are several companies online that promise to train you and get you started in making money online. Most of these companies are usually selling you the basic package at a bargain. On signing up they then begin to empty your bank account with upgrades. They will promise to create your own website and provide the domain name. They will provide you with people that will create the content for your website, select the affiliate programs with links to the advertising companies. The problem, however, is each one of these things will cost you monthly, annually and there is no guarantee that you will make a penny.

Wealthy Affiliate to this day has never made any promise that I will make any money. The only thing that they have promised is that I will learn to develop an online business, the process to use affiliate programs to generate and income and they would teach me from day one, how to be successful.

Oh yes they did promise another thing. I would have all the help and tools I needed to make sure my website is high quality and attractive.


Well, I hope I have giving you enough information about affiliate marketing as a viable source of making money online, and that it is an ideal vehicle for seniors. After, several searches I was still sceptical about affiliate marketing. When I came across Wealthy Affiliate, there was something in their presentation that made me stop and check them out. They were not seeking an immediate subscription. They were letting me try it for free. I received ten lessons free and two free domains to make my websites. How could I lose? So what happens after the free seven days?

After the ten lessons I had my website created, I had started populating it with content. I then had to make a sound decision. That decision was to continue with my free website or go premium, monthly. I decided to go monthly. Again there were no upgrades. I paid $49 per month and for that I had access to all the tools at Wealthy Affiliate for free.

How could this be wrong? It fit my criteria of stimulating my creative juices and keeps my mind very active.

Are you ready to start your business online and earn passive income? Then give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

Should you have any comments or have any questions, I want to hear from you. Leave your questions or comments below.

Hello, I am Harvey the creator of My Living The Dream. I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica but grew up in the United Kingdom. With my family I immigrated to Canada and settled in Ottawa, Ontario. The capital of Canada. I am retired and I want to travel and enjoy my retirement. Get out of the cold and take vacations somewhere warm and low key. That is why I started this website. I figured if I can earn sufficient “crazy money,” that would allow me to travel five months of the year my dream can come true. I want to show you how you can turn your dreams into reality.

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  1. Ricardo - Reply

    Thanks for your post on affiliate marketing for seniors. After reading the post I found a link on your website by which I bought a new espresso machine. Enjoying a cup right now. Thank you!

  2. David - Reply

    Thanks for the article, you have a lot of good information here. I have been doing research on internet businesses and have found no shortage of people and companies offering to show me how to make money online. What made you decide to go with affiliate marketing as opposed to another business model, say drop shipping?

    • Harvey Brown - Reply

      Thanks for dropping by and providing your comment David. After being scammed twice in the same year and losing around $2,000 Canadian. Now normally I do research on anything that requires an outlay of funding. Did not do this, but when the next shiny object contacted me I did. What I found was that the company did not have a positive image on the internet. I did find, however, that a company called Wealthy Affiiate (WA) did have a positive image and very few negatives. Not only that but they were that confident, that they would let me try it for free. What did I have to lose.

      In doing my homework, and loving the opportunity to spend weeks and months in other countries, made me decide on Affiliate marketing. All the others were either MLM or dropshipping approaches, that required more than I wanted.

  3. justin - Reply

    Hey really good article, i am trying to live my dreams. Maybe sometime in the future it will happen once my websites gains the visitors it needs to bring in that passive income. I have not made any sells yet with one of my sites but my second i have gotten 4 referrals so thats a start! Keep up the hard work.

    • Harvey Brown - Reply

      Hello Justin thanks for dropping. I think we are all trying to make our dreams a reality and generate that passive income. 

  4. Marcus - Reply

    Hey Harvey,
    Great info! I feel that you really covered the ins and outs of the reasons to give Wealthy Affiliate a try! I too would love to travel half the year to a warmer climate to escape the long winter. Affiliate marketing seems like it could be overwhelming, but with the training you talk about it seems like a no-brainer to check this opportunity out!

    • Harvey Brown - Reply

      Hello Marcus, thank you for your comments. I found the whole concept overwhelming at first but with the step by step training at Wealthy Affiliate, it all became manageable.

  5. Marcus - Reply

    Great info, I agree that WA is a great opportunity to make extra money with the possibility to become wealthy. The training at WA is top-notch and makes the learning process clear and precise. You clearly believe in what you’re talking about and it shows. Great job!
    All the best,

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