Black Friday – A Chance to Change Your Life Forever


Hello everyone in a couple of days we in North America will host Black Friday. It be a once a year event that occurs the Friday after the United States of America’s (USA) Thanksgiving. We here in Canada have had our Thanksgiving in October, but being so close to the USA, some of us closer than others, gives us an opportunity to also participate in some of their activities. One of those activities is Black Friday, which is when most if not all the merchants and service providers offer bargain on their merchandise and services to get attract new customers or existing customers to lay down some serious money and purchase items they have wanted, but found not in their budget.

My goal is to help those of you I want to change their lifestyle by joining an organization that is offering you an opportunity to step out of the nine to five work world, start your own business and change your lifestyle by becoming a laptop business owner all at Black Friday prices.



Over the years and when we look up the word “black,” in some dictionaries we relate it to meaning something dark, evil or bad. For example if you go back in history to 1869, Black Friday referred to a Friday during the Grant presidency when two men Jay Gould and James Fisk decided to make a run on the American Gold Market. President Grant got wind of their plan and ordered the Treasury to flood the market with a large amount of gold. That action halted the run on the market that Gould and Fisk had started and also caused the value of gold to drop some 18 percentage points. The outcome of that action made a lot of investors rich and and poor all in one day.

So if the definition of Black is usually negative why Black Friday and not Big Friday or some other positive word? Before laptops, tablets and smartphones, most accounting was conducted using books. In those books dollar amount written in red was a loss. Those written in black meant you made a profit, hence the term “being in the black.”

Some say the first Black Friday occurred in the 1960s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was referring to the large amount of traffic both pedestrian and automobile that would occur the Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA. It is the day that is also associated with the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The idea caught on and over time has spread throughout the United States and even into Canada. Since 2005, Black Friday is considered the busiest shopping day of the year out performing Boxing Day.

The proximity of Canada offered Canadian shoppers an opportunity to not necessarily get bargain prices because of the value of the Canadian dollar against the American, but a selection of choices by crossing the 45 Parallel and spending the weekend shopping. This was a big loss to the Canadian economy. Hence, the reason merchants in Canada began to offer similar deals.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a Canadian company that has been in business for 11 years and is the number one affiliate marketing training and hosting company. Proof of this is in the 1.6 million people that have become members around the world. In appreciation of its members it is offering a year’s Premium membership at Black Friday prices.

Lifestyle Change

Those of you who are contemplating retirement and would like to generate extra income to complete your bucket list, want to leave the nine to five lifestyle or are simply looking for ways to make some side income, you have arrived at the right place. By joining Wealthy Affiliate, through this post, I am offering you an opportunity to become your own boss, working full or part time from anywhere. Now this offer obviously cannot last for ever. That is why it be a great deal. From November 23, 2018, until November 26, 2018, you have four days to take advantage of this super offer. Do not and I repeat do not miss out. With a year’s membership you are giving yourself time to learn the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing and to really assess what it feels like to be your own boss.

Where To Start?

I was just like you about two years ago. I had retired and was winding down my volunteerism, but wanted something to keep my brain active and at the same time earn a little extra money to experience some things on my bucket list. Well like you I went on line and found several ways to make money. From completing surveys, teaching English, dropshipping, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Affiliate Marketing along with several others.

I tried a few, surveys, Mystery Shopping, and Affiliate Marketing. I got burnt a couple of times by the shiny object syndrome, twice in fact. Still want to do something that would earn me that side money I continued to search online. My online search paid off, I came across a company called Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

Now having been burned I was a definitely reluctant to spend a large amount of money so I did further research into the company and found that not only would the owners let me try it for free, but they would throw in ten days if free lessons and a website. The other companies I tried started off with a reasonable price but would quickly up sell anywhere from $500 to $5,000 for lessons and a website that was designed for you. It would get more expensive if you wanted them to create content for your website.

All the time these companies would promise that I could make $5,000 to $10,000 a month within a short period. Now we all know that if it sounds too good to be true, often times it is. Well what did I have to lose with WA? I tried it for free and within the ten days, I had joined the Premium membership for $49 per month with the first month for $19. Why did I join the Premium Membership, well that is easy. It opened up the remainder of the training and other benefits of WA, such as access to the Live Chat where you can communicate with over 1.6 million community members around the world. Live Webinars offered weekly and other training created by fellow members on various aspects of Affiliate Marketing. Access to 24/7/365 Site Support and help from other members. 25 Site Rubix and an additional 25 websites and much, much more.

Deal Of A Lifetime

Now what does all this have to do with Black Friday? Well do the math. If I continued to pay $49 per month it would be costing me roughly $588 plus tax a year. So when I heard that WA offered an annual membership for $299, I jumped on it. I would be saving almost half of the regular cost. Now I was definitely convinced that this was the place to be. Instead of up selling the owners of WA, Kyle and Carson were offering a discount on Black Friday. To me this be a deal of a lifetime. The other thing I like is there are no promises of making $10,000 per month in 30 days. What they do promise is if you work hard, follow the training and ask questions you will be successful, whatever success means to you. My offer to the first five people is a year of my personal coaching when you join Wealthy Affiliate through this post.


This Black Friday, I will not be going to the United States to shop. I might visit a few stores in Ottawa, Canada to see what bargains are being offered but my bargain is to renew my Premium Membership with Wealthy Affiliate right From the comfort of my Living Room. If you are seeking the laptop lifestyle where you can make a passive income from the comfort of your home or while traveling to where ever your heart desires, my recommendation to you is to take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday bargain and become a Premium Member. Should you have any questions please contact me.

Hello, I am Harvey the creator of My Living The Dream. I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica but grew up in the United Kingdom. With my family I immigrated to Canada and settled in Ottawa, Ontario. The capital of Canada. I am retired and I want to travel and enjoy my retirement. Get out of the cold and take vacations somewhere warm and low key. That is why I started this website. I figured if I can earn sufficient “crazy money,” that would allow me to travel five months of the year my dream can come true. I want to show you how you can turn your dreams into reality.

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