How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality


When we graduate from University or College, we are happy to land our first job, if Sejal lucky, in our field of study. We are making money and contributing to society, and that is a wonderful thing. Some of us are even luckier, knowing what career path we will follow in the productive years before retirement.

What we fail to realize at the time is that our important career and life decisions are made while we are single, with no children. Life has not thrown big obstacles in our path up the career mountain. Things change when we start a family and our responsibilities grow.

Currently, in the workforce, you can have four to five generations interacting, each with its own priorities and views on working for someone else. The following is a breakdown of the current generations and the period they were born:

  • Traditionalist 1945 and earlier
  • Baby Boomers 1946 to 1964
  • Generation X 1965 to 1976
  • Millennial 1977 to 1995
  • Generation Z 1996 and after

People from two of these generations have either retired or are close to it. Hit the brakes! What? Life has dropped a major obstacle in the lives of the Baby Boomers, aka “the Sandwich,” generation. You see many in that generation have not been able to achieve “Freedom 55 or 58,” or whatever the advertisements told them was possible.

You see, they are the meat in the sandwich. They often have to support both ageing parents (Traditionalist that cannot work or are in bad health) and children who have graduated from school but are having difficulty finding jobs that pay well or jobs at all and are having difficulty paying down their student debts.

Often we have three generations living in the same house. Everyone’s dreams have gone by the wayside and they are just trying to keep their heads above water.

What if there was a way for you to leave the rat race and live your dream of owning your own company, or generating sufficient funds to travel wherever your mind takes you? That is what my website is all about. I would like to introduce you to a system that trains you on how to make an income and can be done anywhere, and anytime.

What Do You Desire

Sometimes after a busy day, I like to watch a bit of television to wind down. In one TV series I like, “Lucifer,” the main character uses a line that really speaks to the subject matter of this post: “What do you desire? What do you really desire?”

I know that each generation has different priorities. For some it’s travel the world first, find a rewarding career, buy the house and then have children is a typical life arc. Or find a career, get married, buy the house and raise a family.

Even with these priorities a recurring dream or desire persists. It does not matter what you call it, but it is there in our 20s, 30s and even 40s. The question you have to ask yourself is why have I not tried to make it a reality, why am I not living my dream. Yes, our day-to-day responsibilities keep getting in the way. You have too many things to do than to go off and live that dream.

What if there was a way to fulfill both your responsibilities and live your dream?

Planning For Retirement

When Should you start planning for retirement? Retirement is both a dream and reality that we will live at some point. There is no way around it if you are working for someone.

Most courses I have taken and articles I have read in an ideal world, you should start planning for retirement no later than 35. I took three pre-retirement courses before pulling the plug and walking out on my career of 35 years. I started thinking about retirement at age 45 and started planning my exit.

Have you started making plans for your retirement? What about the rest of your life after that? What are you going to do the Monday after you retire, when you wake up and realize you don’t have to go to work? You are now responsible for managing your time 24 hours a day for the rest of your life. Will you fulfill your long-held dream now? Can you afford to live your dream? My recommendation is to not wait until that Monday to find out.

Start thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your life. Don’t say at retirement age, you have worked hard all your life and now it is time to rest. That feeling will last for about one week, a month at the most, before you start getting on your spouse’s nerves and making a nuisance of yourself.

So what are those recurring dreams you have had since you were in your 20s? Whatever they are, it is time to dust them off and find a way to make at least one a reality.

Factors That Will Influence The Reality

As said earlier I am retired. I made a plan, I took my exit and this is the way it went. I spent a few months in sunny Jamaica, relaxing, enjoying the food, culture and scenery. After that, I returned to Canada and volunteered to help children and the communities. I continued to teach at a Martial Arts school five days a week. Then this cycle was supposed to repeat.

I found gaps, however,  huge gaps, in my life and if I wanted to lead a productive and rewarding life I needed to fill those gaps. You see, my teaching only takes up 15 hours out of the week and I have eased up on the volunteering, now doing some one day of the last week of each month.

So how do I now fill the other hours of each day? Well, I found something that I can do anytime and anywhere and I have started living my dream. I found a way to make what I call “crazy money.” Crazy money is money that I can use to do all those things on my “Bucket List.” It is a way to make extra money online that is not a scam and can be started for free.
Most of us that have been around a while realize that nothing in life is free and Wealthy Affiliate does have a cost. I have been a competitive person for most of my life. What I found is that you will never stand on the podium unless you visualize what you want, and commit to the necessary work/training. Wealthy Affiliate is no different. If you want to achieve success, you must commit to your dream. You can try it for free, but the following three things are necessary:


To be successful and to stand on the podium as a winner, you first have to visualize actually winning the event, and standing on the podium. The other thing you have to accept is committing to the work and training that will get you there. To make your dream a reality with Wealthy Affiliate, you must devote yourself.


You have to dedicate the time necessary to make your dream a reality. Without this, your dreams will remain dreams. Many of us get caught up in get-rich schemes and want to see results within a week or month. Achieving what you want takes determination and patience, but it can be done.


Remember I told you my recommended approach was free? Well, it is. The only commitment you need to make for the first week is your time. You have a full week to try the Wealthy Affiliate platform and take the first steps to making your dream a reality. After that, it will cost you $39 per month for the Premium program, when you decide to take your dream for the long walk. If you decide not to take the premium package you can continue with the website you create from the first week of training, still for free.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I was not certain this is what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted something online but did not know what that something was. In fact, I got burned twice trying to get the shiny object being dangled in front of me. Well after the first two scams yet another company called me, dangling that same shiny object.

As the old adage says “once bitten twice shy,” well this was the third time shy, so I researched this company and low and behold, it was too good to be true. While doing my research, however, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I did my due diligence on them and could not find any negatives. I am suggesting you do the same and then click below to start living your dream.

I recommend you do the same research and then click here to start living your dream.



Before we part folks, I would like to summarize the steps you need to transform your dream into reality. It does not matter whether your dream is to retire before 65, to earn additional income so you can stop living from paycheque to paycheque or you just want to see the world on your terms. Here are the following things you need to do:

  1. Determine what you really want. What is your desire? Write it down or write them down and prioritize your desires.
  2. Visualize you and your family living that dream. As a former athlete, I can tell you that visualization does work, but that is a story for another day.
  3. Establish a Long-Term Plan for achieving your dream.
  4. Break your plan into years, months, weeks and days. Establish a schedule for working on your dream
  5. Find a way to put your dream into action and my suggestion would be to try Wealthy Affiliate.

I trust that you found this article interesting. Please share with others that you think would also find it interesting. Should you have any questions, concerns or thoughts, please leave your comments below. I want to hear from you and I will respond. 

Hello, I am Harvey the creator of My Living The Dream. I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica but grew up in the United Kingdom. With my family I immigrated to Canada and settled in Ottawa, Ontario. The capital of Canada. I am retired and I want to travel and enjoy my retirement. Get out of the cold and take vacations somewhere warm and low key. That is why I started this website. I figured if I can earn sufficient “crazy money,” that would allow me to travel five months of the year my dream can come true. I want to show you how you can turn your dreams into reality.

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  1. Melani Lukito - Reply

    Hello, Harvey. My dream is having more time with my 👪 family. That’s why I have created my website. It is not easy to post regularly when we work full time too. I find that it is very difficult to give time for my website. So, your tips are very useful for me. I hope I can solve my problem and enjoy the life style I want in the future.

    • Harvey Brown - Reply

      Thanks for leaving comment Melani, much appreciated and thank you for the kind words. Us men tend to have it a little easier than women who tend to have two or three jobs,family, full time profession and sometimes looking after elders.

  2. Denise do Carmo - Reply

    Your words really inspired me, some times we forget about our dreams, leave them in stand by, beacuse life takes over dreams, there are bills to pay, children to take care of, and your post is a nice reminder, to go back and dream.

    • Harvey Brown - Reply

      Thank you Denise, dreaming is a very important part of being alive and because of life we tend to forget our dreams. Try not to do that, find ways and people that can help you make your dream a reality. It will not happen over night, but if you are serious it will happen.

  3. Ricardo Chincoli - Reply

    Sensei Brown,
    I enjoy your writing style, personable with content.
    As an immigrant from a tropical country myself, I can relate to your missing the tropics but at the same time we do value the wonderful country we now call home, Canada.
    Your friend, and student

    • Harvey Brown - Reply

      Thank you for the compliment. Writing style is very important in creating trust with visitors to my website and posts. May be one day we will both be able to spend time in both our countries of birth and our adopted home Canada.

  4. Michael - Reply

    I agree that in order to make your dream a reality, you have to be willing to work hard for it.

    Many people say they want a lot of thing in life, but rarely ever do anything to make it happen.

    I bilieve was wealthy affiliate can really help people out financially and can make many people’s dream come true.

    • Harvey Brown - Reply

      Hello Michael, dreams remain dreams because of two things in my mind. The first is fear of success. It sounds funny, but some people will get overwhelmed with the  act of being successful. Another is they do recognise the amount of work involved and find it easier to dream and wish rather than do the work. My recommendation is not to think about the money. If you are doing everything right the money will flow.  Remember it is not the destination that makes the journey fun it is the  experience in between. Have a great one Michael and thanks for the comments.

  5. Johann - Reply

    Hi Harvey!

    Great story of yours. You write entertaining and profound. I would love to move around the world and work from anywhere, and I believe Wealthy Affiliate is delivering that and helping you to build your own business.

    I have, nevertheless, a question. You wrote that you found nothing negative about WA.

    In another review I read that Wealthy Affiliate is not good for vendors. Obviously, the sites name is not Wealthy Vendor, haha, but is it possible to promote your own product within WA?

    keep your fingers crossed

    • Harvey Brown - Reply

      Hello Johann, thank you for spending the time reviewing my post. I think most of us have the dream to be able to travel and earn an income from wherever we are.  Wealthy Affiliate (WA) does provide a platform for achieving just that and that is one of the reasons I subscribed to WA.

      I take it you clicked on one of my Links Review. It is there where I said I did not find many negatives, but I did find some. Check the pros and cons in that post.

      Not being a very good salesperson, I hopped to create an information niche, promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I do believe there are several members who do sell products that they make or create through their niche sites. So yes it is possible and there are members doing it. 

      Take care Johann and thank you for the review. If you have any other questions or comments feel free to contact me. Love to help where I can.

  6. JD - Reply

    Thanks so much for the solid plan! I really think a lot of people don’t succeed at their dreams because they just don’t go through the steps and more importantly the work. I am a big believer that if you want you want something, then you should go get it. It may take some patience and perseverance but in the end, it will be totally worth it.

    • Harvey Brown - Reply

      Thank you for dropping by and reviewing my post. I agree with you that the average person does not understand that to succeed it takes patience, perseverance and hard work. Usain Bolt did not become the fastest man in world, just because he had speed. That is raw talent. How you mold that into a successful campaign is the result of the three things we discussed. 

      Planning is such an integral part of the whole process. I call it the road map. 

      If you have any questions or need help give me a shout, glad to be of assistance. 

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